About Brad

Growing up in Riverside, California, during the early 80’s, I watched as freeway after freeway was built, widened, or expanded only to result in more traffic. Increased air pollution led to “smoggy day" schedules, which kept students inside during recess. Eventually, subdivisions full of nondescript homes would consume surrounding dairy farms and orange groves.

After high school, I left Southern California and travelled. First by moving to Atlanta, then venturing abroad to Eastern and Western Europe, Central America, and Southeast Asia. This experience taught me several invaluable life lessons and I gained an understanding that there are multiple ways to live and organize community.

I returned to Southeast Asia following the deadly 2004 tsunami to help with emergency rebuilding efforts. In the midst of devastation and broken lives, I found extraordinary individuals doing hard work and lifting each other up. It was there that I gained an appreciation for community building and city planning.

Two years later, my wife and I married and bought our first home in Edmonds’ Lake Ballinger neighborhood. Our honeymoon was short-lived. With the Great Recession looming, I left my career in real estate finance and decided to pursue my passion for urban design. I bartended nights at Olive’s Wine Bar to make ends meet while balancing a newborn baby, mortgage, and full academic schedule.

During my last year of school, I worked at the University of Washington’s Green Futures Lab. Our team was hired by the City of Edmonds to develop the ReVision Westgate plan—which resulted in a new zone district built on principles of environmental sustainability, improved walkability, and economic vitality.

I was later hired by Edmonds’ Planning Division to work on the Comprehensive Plan update. Since then, my focus has been on long-range planning projects, including the Highway 99 Subarea Plan.


Volunteer Work

  • Tsunami emergency relief work, Khao Lak, Thailand (2005)

  • Mountains­-to­-Sound Greenway, (2009)

  • Duwamish River Cleanup Coalition (2010)


  • Real Estate Finance

  • Green Futures Lab, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

  • City Planning, City of Edmonds


  • B.A. Community, Environment, and Planning, University of Washington

  • Charrette System Certificate, National Charrette Institute, Michigan State University