A Vision for the Future



Edmonds needs a mayor who understands the complexities of how everyday decisions at City Hall affect the community. From environmental protection to the way we design our streets, housing to transportation systems, our lives are shaped by the built environment.

Let’s position Edmonds for a prosperous future. Over the course of the next decade, transportation options will change significantly and environmental concerns will become more prevalent. We cannot look to the past as a way to design for the future. Government should welcome innovation and seek out fresh ideas.

With careful thought and community collaboration, we can simultaneously adapt to meet the challenges of the future and protect Edmonds charm.



Work to create a culture within city government that values innovation and collaboration—We should tap into the time and talent of edmonds citizens.

Prioritize street improvements that improve pedestrian and bicycle safety and are designed to accommodate all ages and abilities.

Work to increase housing options in order to meet the community’s diverse needs.

Review upcoming capital projects to ensure that today’s decisions do not overburden future generations, financially or environmentally.

Providing emergency services to the waterfront is important—we should look at other options that enhance the character of waterfront, not destroy it.